The World Below The War in the Heavens

An exploration of a world of magic and adventure, stretched out beneath the eternal and ongoing battle in the heavens between gods and demons.

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The World Below the War in the Heavens

Imagine living in a land where an eternal war rages overhead between gods and demons, a land where mighty magic is the result of artefacts falling from this cosmic struggle. This podcast explores the history, the geography, the people, culture and beliefs of this remarkable world - and especially the oldest, most influential and most extraordinary realm of the entire continent, Anaquist, the home of the Dead God's Heirs.



Saturday Oct 14, 2023

Peaceful he may have been, but the reign of King Dimon III had some of the most remarkable events in the history of the World Below the War in the Heavens, including the extraordinary Tumbling Mania and the first formal magical duel ever recorded.

Saturday Sep 30, 2023

Dimon II wasn't always pious. His conversion is one of the more remarkable stories in the World Below the War in the Heavens.

Saturday Sep 16, 2023

Dimon I brings the Nightmare Years to an end by restoring the rightful line to the throne of Anaquist. He was one of the greatest monarchs in a dynasty of extraordinary rulers.

Saturday Sep 02, 2023

With the resources of the richest, most powerful realm in the World Below the War in the Heavens at her disposal, Queen Keska embarks on a campaign to bring the whole continent under heel. A legendary warrior with magical armour, does she succeed?

Episode 26: The Demon Temple

Saturday Aug 19, 2023

Saturday Aug 19, 2023

In the vast wilderness, a Demon Temple arises devoted to worshipping the fanatical foes of the gods in the heavens above. The horror is unbounded.

Episode 25: Enna the Inhuman

Saturday Aug 05, 2023

Saturday Aug 05, 2023

What do you do when you have absolute power over a realm? Devote it to self-aggrandisement, of course! Learn about Queen Enna's program of monuments dedicated to herself!

Episode 24: Yephen the Bloody

Saturday Jul 22, 2023

Saturday Jul 22, 2023

The Nightmare Years continued when Yephen succeeded his brother Zalman. His cruelty was less severe, more whimsical but appalling nevertheless.

Episode 23: Zalman the Vicious

Saturday Jul 08, 2023

Saturday Jul 08, 2023

Son of Grippina the Cruel, King Zalman carried on the family tradition for bloodymindedness.

Episode 22: Grippina the Cruel

Saturday Jun 24, 2023

Saturday Jun 24, 2023

Usurper, dynasty disrupter, wrathful seeker of vengeance, Grippina was not to be trifled with and became queen thanks to the fury of her single-mindedness, the first monarch of the Nightmare Years.

Saturday Jun 10, 2023

What exactly is the War in the Heavens? A timely explainer.

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