The World Below The War in the Heavens

An exploration of a world of magic and adventure, stretched out beneath the eternal and ongoing battle in the heavens between gods and demons.

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The World Below the War in the Heavens

Imagine living in a land where an eternal war rages overhead between gods and demons, a land where mighty magic is the result of artefacts falling from this cosmic struggle. This podcast explores the history, the geography, the people, culture and beliefs of this remarkable world - and especially the oldest, most influential and most extraordinary realm of the entire continent, Anaquist, the home of the Dead God's Heirs.



Wednesday May 11, 2022

Prescon: son of King Sayn I, the sixth monarch of Anaquist is the most overlooked of the early Anaquistian monarchs, but I've found an intriguing side of this enigmatic king.

Season 2 Preview

Sunday Apr 17, 2022

Sunday Apr 17, 2022

A look ahead at the upcoming second season of The World Below the War in the Heavens podcast. More magic! More intrigue! More fascinating characters! And, perhaps, a special guest or two ... Coming soon!

Monday Nov 15, 2021

King Sayn of Anaquist amassed a huge treasure in his lifetime but when his special vault was opened, it had all disappeared. What happened to the hoard to end all hoards?
This is a very special episode with a very special guest - Dr David Threshton, Head of Anaquist Studies at Hallmark University, the expert we need to get to the bottom of this mystery for the ages.

Friday Oct 22, 2021

Here, in the vast expanses of the World Below the War in the Heavens roam a multitude of species, a panoply of life, a cornucopia of animals great and small in a dizzying display of the wonders of life itself, writ large and writ small. Come and explore them with me.

Sunday Oct 10, 2021

Sendia 1 of Anaquist became obsessed with magic and her life was tragically cut short by a tragedy that is fascinating in its unfolding. And who was the mysterious strangers who worked her way into becoming Sendia's most trusted adviser, much to the disquiet of those around her, and who may have played a major role in the young monarch's demise? 

Friday Sep 24, 2021

Omir: warrior, thinker, a man of both action and reflection, a monarch who never thought of himself as ruler of a land but more of a protector of its people. Plus, the Autumn Plot!

Friday Sep 10, 2021

How do you succeed the most famous, most extraordinary and most revered ruler in the history of Anaquist, the home of the Dead God? Kenlill Anaquist might be the most underrated ruler in the history of the World Below the War in the Heavens even though she took the throne through a combination of cunning, ruthlessness, far-sightedness and clever planning, while avoiding assassination attempts from her own kin. She consolidated Anaquist's place as the pre-eminent realm in the World Below the War in the Heavens and filled remarkable shoes in a remarkable way.

Episode 5 Magic

Friday Aug 20, 2021

Friday Aug 20, 2021

What is magic in The World Below the War in the Heavens? How does it work? Where does it come from? And what about the question that’s on everyone’s lips: how can I get me a piece of it?

Tuesday Aug 03, 2021

The second half of two episodes exploring the life of the legendary founder of Anaquist, Ucantha Anaquist herself. After uncovering the extraordinary riches of the Heavenfall, in short time Ucantha Anaquist displays her abilities as a military leader, an architect, an engineer, a logistician and a people manager beyond compare, surrounding herself with some remarkably talented supporters. No wonder they made her queen.

Wednesday Jul 14, 2021

Part One – The Discovery of the Dead God and the Founding of Anaquist
Ucantha Anaquist. Buccaneer, adventurer, entrepreneur, leader, military genius, architect nonpareil, visionary, exploiter, arch-manipulator and founder of the richest, most powerful realm in the entire World Below the War in the Heavens. She’s the stuff of a thousand stories, countless ballads, quite a few sculptures and even an opera or two. Can we separate the woman from the legend? Or is it worth bothering since the legends are so juicy, so wildly romantic that they don’t just make the heart beat a little faster, you might just need to keep a fan or two handy, in case of imminent swooning.

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